Validation projects

Automated Assistance to Controller for Seamless Coordination, Transfer and Dialogue through improved trajectory data sharing

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Toulouse


This solution allows for better coordination, integration and identification of a controller’s tasks thanks to improved trajectory data sharing (enabled by the Flight Object) in Predefined and User Preferred Route environments.

Description of the exercises

Real-time simulations in Toulouse and Rome will assess the operational acceptability of the free route environment, proposed services and roles. Within these exercises, assessments will be made of benefits of flight trajectory data sharing (enabled through the use of the Flight Object) for the coordination of tasks and controller assistance services between ground control centres.

A set of real-time simulations in Rome, MUAC, Langen and Southampton will validate the system requirements and system architecture required for flight trajectory data sharing (enabled through the use of the Flight Object) and defined by the EUROCAE ED-133 document. Specifically the exercises will seek to demonstrate the suitability of the Flight Object to implement the SESAR Reference Business Trajectory within the en-route and TMA domains. A further goal will be to show that interoperability is feasible between different air traffic control centres based on one single representation of a flight (the iRBT within the Flight Object), which is synchronised during the course of the flight across these centres.

Expected benefits 

Greater interoperability and information sharing between ATC systems