Validation projects

Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) and conformance monitor tools

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Southampton


This solution addresses the development of tools to tactical and planner controllers assisting them on their monitoring tasks during busy periods. These tools are expected to contribute to safety enhancement through the reduction of controllers' workload.

Description of the exercises

Real time simulations in Southampton will validate how multi-sector planner and TMA concepts can support Planning Controller and Tactical Controller services. Specifically the exercises will assess “What if” and “What else” functions and integrated coordination functions for use in complex environments.

A series of real-time simulations in Langen will take place to validate the following: tactical and deviation trajectory, TCT, Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) and MONitoring Aids (MONA) functionalities. a “What else” probe for TCT, based on a refined tactical trajectory prediction for use in complex environments.

Real-time simulations in Toulouse and Rome will assess the operational acceptability of the free route environment, proposed services and roles. Within these exercises, assessments will be made on how flight trajectory data sharing (enabled through the use of the Flight Object) can improve the coordination of tasks and controller assistance services between ground control centres.

Expected benefits 

  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce controller’s workload