Validation projects

Automated support for Traffic Complexity Detection and Resolution

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Madrid


This solution enables air traffic controllers to identify, assess and resolve local complexity situations, thereby reducing traffic peaks through early implementation of measures for workload balancing. The solution contains a traffic complexity assessment as well as individual traffic complexity-based solutions.

Description of the exercises

Real-time simulations in Madrid will seek to identify complexity procedures that should be applied preferably by the planner controller, taking into account their impact on the AMAN sequence. The exercises will also assess the impact of the en-route controllers’ procedures derived from the use of the E-AMAN on the measurement of en-route sectors' complexity. Open issues related to departures from airports within the E-AMAN time horizon may also be assessed. Finally, real-time simulations in Toulouse and Rome will assess benefits yielded by the complexity measures in a free route environment.

Expected benefits 

  • Increased airspace capacity
  • Enhanced predictability
  • Increased cost effectiveness