Validation projects

Remotely-Provided Air Traffic Service for Contingency Situations at Airports

Release: 2015

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Location: Girona


This solution enables the provision of air traffic control services (ATS) at a remote location or secondary facility at medium-sized airports in contingency situations where it is not possible to use the primary tower.

Description of the exercises

Shadow mode exercises will take place in Girona to evaluate whether it is possible to provide a full range of ATS services as close to full-operating capacity as possible, compared to ATS provided from the primary tower which has direct sight of the airport. Specifically, the exercises will assess the start-up time, transition phase and shifting times linked to operations at the contingency remote tower, as well as the level of service that can be provided. Controllers must show that they gain sufficient information from the remote tower’s controller working position to make decisions and provide ATS.

Shadow mode exercises will take place in Gothenburg which will assess human performance, in terms of acceptability, workload capacity, situational awareness, when providing the ATS services remotely. The exercises will seek to gain an understanding of the value added by the system compared to a non-Remote Tower contingency baseline.

Expected benefits

  • Maintained level of safety and workload
  • Increased cost effectiveness
  • Increased capacity