Validation projects

Enhanced Traffic Situational Awareness and Airport Safety Nets for vehicle drivers

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Paris


This solution provides operational requirements and technical specifications to detect a risk of collision between a vehicle with aircraft and the infringement of restricted or closed areas. The vehicle driver is provided with the appropriate alert, either generated by the on-board system or uplinked from the controller airport safety net.

Description of the exercises

Live trials in Paris and Dublin will validate a set of operational requirements on alerts for vehicle drivers. Specifically, the trials will validate requirements for the display of information related to the surrounding traffic, including both aircraft and airport vehicles during taxi and runway operations in the vehicle driver's cockpit.

A separate series of trials will test the connectivity between the central system and the vehicle, as well as the use of the mobile device, including the moving map. Further assessment will be made on the provision of situational awareness and increased safety aspects

Expected benefits

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Decreased taxi time variability
  • Reduced fuel emissions