Validation projects

Airport Safety Nets for controllers: conformance monitoring alerts and detection of conflicting ATC clearances

Release: 2015

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Location: Paris


This solution refers to the identification of operational requirements and technical specifications for a system that detects conflicting ATC clearances and non-conformance to procedures for traffic on runways, taxiways and in the apron, stand and gate areas. The system will provide the appropriate indications and alerts to controllers.

Description of the exercises

A set of exercises in Madrid and Langen will also assess the feasibility and benefits in terms of safety and performance of safety nets and advanced surface routing, conflict free planning and routing functionalities, as well as the provision of taxi route via data link, and their integration into the controller’s working position. The exercises will include a combination of live trials and simulations and will validate the proposed performance improvements brought about by the exchange between flight crew and controller using data link for start-up, pushback, runway exit and taxiing.  An enhanced SWIM Runway-In-Use service with time information and planned runway configuration support will also be assessed. Further exercises will evaluate advanced surface routing, including dynamic taxi time prediction, automatic conflict-avoidance, use of runway exit information downlinked from  Enhanced Breaking Systems (EBS), re-routing in case of runway reconfiguration.

A further set of exercises in Paris, will validate the relevance of alerts to tower controllers in case of conflicting ATC clearances during runway operations and of non-conformance to procedures or clearances for traffic on runways, taxiways and in the apron area. The exercises will also assess that generated routes are relevant for aircraft and vehicles, conforming to circulation rules and planning constraints, and the safety performance benefits offered by data link communications. Exercises conducted at Riga International Airport will validate the maturity of several airport safety net solutions.

Real-time simulations will be used in Milan to validate the refinement of departure sequences

Expected benefits

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Reduced taxi time variability
  • Lower fuel emissions