Validation projects

Time Based Separation (TBS)

Release: 2012

Reference: EXE-06.08.01-VP-302 & EXE-06.08.01-VP-303:

Location: London


About the exercise

This exercise focused on new controller procedures and support tools, in order to enable the use of refined TBS minima in typical operational circumstances, as well as challenging wind and other critical situations. Validation exercises were run through real-time simulations at Heathrow and in the Whiteley facilities.



• An increase in aircraft landing rates, even in stronger winds, with up to 5 additional aircraft landing per hour compared to those landing with the traditional procedures.

• A reduction of holding times (an average reduction of 0.9 min with a maximum reduction of 9.4 min) and stack-entry to touchdown times (an average reduction of 1.4 min with a maximum reduction of 9.3 min).