Type: concepts

Countries: France, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Austria

Domains: Oceanic/en-route


The project aims to conduct a total of 130 flight trials in order to demonstrate cost-innovative solutions for the provision to general aviation users of network business-to-business information services, including MET services, air traffic control and aeronautical information management (AIM) services. Specifically, the project foresees implementing a low-cost Flight Operation Centre (FOC) solution for general aviation users connected through the internet, as well as a low-cost cockpit solution based on Electronic Flight Bags using communications options such as WiFi, 3G/4G, iridium Satcom and ACARS.

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TOPLINK Brochure

Leaflet on TOPLINK MET services



Coordinated by:

Thales Air Systems SAS


Airbus SAS

Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA)

Deutscher Wetterdienst

École nationale de l'aviation civile (ENAC)

Finish Meteorological Institute

Meteo France

Thales Avionics SAS