Demonstration projects

TOPMET: Improving the exchange of MET data.

Type: concepts

Countries: Belgium, France, Africa, Atlantic Ocean

Domains: Oceanic/en-route


This project aims to demonstrate how Aeronautical Users can benefit from using new meteorological services available from MET services providers. These new meteorological services include capabilities such as:

  • Monitoring and forecasting of hazardous MET phenomena such as thunderstorms or ice.
  • Improved forecast of wind and temperatures.

Following specific training for pilots, airline ground flight dispatchers, and air traffic controllers on the use of these services, TOPMET will aim to validate the following:

  • Flight planning, flight briefing, and flight execution - from an airline point of view.
  • Management of traffic flows  - from an ATC point of view - of several hundred Brussels Airlines commercial flights (medium-haul and long-haul flights).


Improve operational performance (especially in terms of safety, efficiency, and capacity) by the use of those new MET products for Air Traffic Flow Management Controllers and Commercial Airlines.


  • Thales Air Systems
  • Thales Avionics
  • DSNA
  • Brussels Airlines