• 10 of December, 2015
    08:30 > 15:00
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The SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 Best in Class ceremony took take place on 10 December 2015, celebrating 5 months of creative work from about 30 teams across the globe. Best-in-Class prizes were awarded to two categories: SWIM information services and SWIM-enabled applications.

In the SWIM Information Services category, the Best-in-Class award went to the 4D WeatherCube, which was submitted by EUMETNET, a grouping of European national meteorological service providers. The solution provides tailored meteorological information, which is made available to ATM stakeholders via the SWIM-compliant MET-GATE information portal. Together these solutions mask the complexity of MET data standards, formats and multiple sources, and provide airspace users with user-ready data via a single access point. “Thanks to the Master Class, the range of users for this solution has expanded which is leading to continued innovation and new business opportunities,” said Kamel Rebaï, Head of IT development, Meteo France.
Runners up this services category was FlightAware for its live ADS-B flight positions data feed, a standalone flight tracking application that can be used as standalone or in combination with other regional and global data feeds. M-CLICK was also recognised in this category, picking up an ex-aequo second place for its aeronautical data validation platform, an application that validates the quality of any aeronautical data.
A Best-in-Class award was also awarded in the SWIM-enabled Applications category to Frequentis for its National Air Policing Centre (NAPC) application, which allows for the sharing of accurate civil and military information, and for timely and collaborative decision-making. “The SWIM Master Class spurs innovation and enables companies of all kinds to compete head to head. We are thrilled by the creativity from all entrants and are proud to take part in this unique event ourselves, underlining our commitment to SWIM,” said Markus Klopf, SWIM Product Management, Frequentis. “These new applications and services demonstrate the potential that comes from improved sharing of information amongst all aviation stakeholders.”
Taking second prize in this category was the Airport KPI Analyser & Optimiser, submitted by Airbus  Defence & Space, which provides airport operators with a dashboard of live information on flight delays, arrivals, passengers and environmental statistics allowing them to make informed decisions in the short- to medium term. Meanwhile, third prize was presented to Ingegneria Dei Sistemi (IDS) for its ATC SimulAtion enviRonment - sWim compAtible sYstem (STAIRWAY), which allows users to simulate new operational configurations and processes using the exchange of flight plan and meteorological data between the Network Manager and national meteo services.

Further to unveiling the Best-in-Class finalists as well as their winning developments, over 20 exhibitors and sponsors will be showcasing the latest in SWIM technology and services during the walking lunch.

Finally a cocktail reception will praise the finalists as well as all teams of experts who have contributed to a great learning experience.

This event will gather a great peer platform and bring to an end yet another inspiring round of SESAR SWIM Master Class.


SWIM is a reality - Case Studies:

Overview of the submissions

Presentation of the award winning solutions

Towards SWIM Global Demonstration

Next steps

Further, about 17 showcases will be presented during the day. Download the full agenda and showcases


Success Stories

What was a high-level concept a few years ago, system wide information management (SWIM) is now becoming a reality!

The four editions of the SESAR SWIM Master Class have largely contributed to progressing SWIM solutions and standards into advanced prototypes and solutions in all ATM areas such as meteorological information, airport operations, extended arrival management, the integration of remotely-piloted aircraft systems, etc.

This remarkable achievement could only happen with the involvement of dedicated pioneers.

Discover here a selection of these SWIM success stories. More stories are welcome!


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