• 12th of March, 2015
    11:30 > 13:00
  • World ATM Congress 2015, IFEMA - ATM THEATRE
    Madrid , Spain
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Challenges in Complexity and Data Science in ATM

As part of the World ATM Congress (to be held from March 10th-12th 2015 at Madrid, Spain), ComplexWorld will hold a workshop on " Challenges in Complexity and Data Science in ATM". The workshop will take place in the World ATM Congress' ATM Theatre.

The ComplexWorld workshop brings a unique opportunity to review and discuss the research done in the application of Complexity and Data Science in the field of ATM during the last years and outlining the challenges and opportunities for future research. Several relevant milestones have been achieved since SESAR Long Term and Exploratory Research programme was approved and the ComplexWorld network was launched in order to bridge the gap between Complex Systems and Air Traffic Management fields and the understanding of the achievements sets the path for the future.

The air traffic system contains a very large number of elements or agents that interact, in many situations non-linearly, enabling emergent behaviours. In other words, the air traffic system is a large complex system; a system of systems. The added value of complexity-related research to previous modelling efforts is precisely to incorporate complex behaviour to the modelling tasks, which helps to understand the behaviour and performance of the system and allows the prediction of the performance of the system in new scenarios. 

Based on the results of ComplexWorld initiative in the latest years, this workshop will demonstrate how Complex Systems techniques can provide innovative insight into the understanding of these phenomena in ATM and its added value to the aviation community.

The study of complex systems is inherently linked to the analysis of large datasets that represent the concrete manifestation of the complex networks, especially when those networks are not defined analytically. Data Science is a cornerstone for ComplexWorld and a perspective on how Data Science bring added value to our community and the opportunities for the future will be presented to the audience. The combination of different disciplines, including data mining and knowledge discovery paradigms, are enclosed under the umbrella of Data Science. Both Complexity and Data Science will help to overcome the limitations of the existing models and pave the way for a innovative set of analytics capabilities.

The workshop will review the work completed on the key topics of ComplexWorld: Complex networks in air transport, ATM Resilience, Emergent Behaviour, Uncertainty and Data Science with a special focus on the existing challenges and opportunities identified. This scenario will serve to present the book developed by ComplexWorld, “Complexity Science in Air Traffic Management” which will be soon published. Addionally, three topics of the book will be presented in depth:

  • an analysis of Data Science and a look into how it enables a paradigm shift in safety analysis.
  • a evaluation of the latest results in air transport network resilience.
  • a synopsis on the main aspects of the use of complex networks in ATM.


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