Fall edition of the SESAR magazine puts Exploratory Research in the limelight

Since the launch of the Programme in 2007, the SJU has dedicated resources to both combining existing and developing new scientific research relevant to the field of aviation. This edition of the SESAR magazine considers the work that has been achieved over the last few years and gives readers an insight into the research challenges facing all of us in the coming years. The magazine examines the policy considerations of integrating exploratory research into the SESAR R&I Programme in an interview with two leading European officials: Maurizio Castelletti, Head of Unit, Single European Sky, Directorate General for Transport (DG MOVE) and Keir Fitch, Head of Research and Innovative Transport Systems (DG MOVE). The magazine also provides an in-depth overview of the research results already captured, and we take a closer look at some of the successful research projects and networks already set up.