SESAR SWIM Master Class winners announced

Dec. 11, 2014

Services and applications enabling distance calculations, aircraft tracking and optimised use of airspace have received top prizes at the 2014 SESAR SWIM Master Class Awards. The winners, which were announced during a Best-in-Class ceremony at Eurocontrol headquarters in Brussels, were among 39 SWIM-enabled ATM information solutions that were submitted to the Master Class jury for nomination in three categories: services, applications and technical infrastructure. The ceremony also demonstrated live some 20 services and applications, illustrating that SWIM is quickly becoming a reality within the global ATM system.

* From left to right: Wolfgang Scheucher (SOLITEC), Dirk Schindler (Airbus Defence & Space), Dario Di Crescenzo (Selex ES), Frank Suykens (Luciad), Wim Post (SESAR Joint Undertaking)

The ceremony brought to a close the third edition of the SESAR SWIM Master Class, which took place between June and November 2014 and welcomed 81 international teams actively developing and demonstrating their SWIM-enabled applications, services and technical infrastructure. Held annually, the Master Class is a chance for ATM stakeholders to share their experiences and best practices in implementing the concept of SWIM. In doing so, the Master Class has become an important global platform through which to build a critical mass of knowledge and excellence about SWIM and to translate the concept into real solutions.

In the Services category, the Best-in-Class award went to the Geodetic Calculation Services (GCS), submitted by SOLITEC, an Austrian-based software solutions company, in collaboration with the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates. The winning module offers services based on geodetic or distance calculations, such as the length of route segments, which are then visualised on a map. GCS validates these calculations against the data provided in an AIXMBasicMessage. A second-place award was handed out to FlightAware, a US-based company, for providing a live feed of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) flight position data on some 100,000 aircraft per day. This service was used by several other proposals in this SESAR SWIM Master Class.

Meanwhile, the Best-in-Class award in the Applications category went to the Collaborative Airspace Provision Service, submitted by Airbus Defence and Space, together with Luciad.  A runner-up prize was awarded to Luciad, Vito and Flight Plus for their platform on Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems Very Low Level Operation Coordination (RPAS VLLOC).

Finally, the Best-in-Class award in the Technical Infrastructure category was won by Selex ES for its SWIM Box Platform, which aims to ease the interoperability of the different systems currently in use in different areas of airspace. No runner-up was awarded in this category.  

I would like to congratulate the winning entries as well as the finalists of this year’s edition of the SESAR SWIM Master Class, whose innovations clearly illustrate what can be achieved in such little time and with few resources. Without a doubt, thanks to the SESAR SWIM Master Class, the level of engagement in SWIM is increasing year by year, as is the quality of the applications and services proposed by ATM stakeholders,” said Peter Hotham, Deputy Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, who presented the awards.

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