The SESAR Joint Undertaking has launched an open call for very-large scale demonstration projects within the framework of the SESAR 2020 research and innovation programme. The call covers a wide range of topics aimed at boosting the performance of aviation in Europe, with a focus on sustainability, capacity and urban air mobility. A total of EUR 19.5 million is earmarked for the research from the EU’s Horizon 2020 budget. 

The call is for project proposals addressing four specific topics:

Optimised use of airspace

The aim is to demonstrate solutions that support optimised air traffic flows in a free route environment, as well as other uses of airspace (e.g. military). These may include initial dynamic airspace configuration, the application of advanced flexible use of airspace, as well as strategies to delegate air traffic services, capacity-on-demand arrangements, and solutions enabling higher levels of automation. The demonstrations in this category will seek to support the Airspace Architecture Study Transition Plan and its measure of “Launching an airspace re-configuration programme supported by an operational excellence programme to achieve quick win”.

Integrated trajectory management

The aim is to showcase solutions that enable airports, airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to access to up-to-date flight, meteorological, airspace and aerodrome information, and that provide a coordinated and synchronised view of the trajectory throughout the operations, from the planning through the flight operations phase. The demonstrations in this category will seek to support the Airspace Architecture Study Transition Plan and its measure of “Realising planned implementation related to mature SESAR Solutions supporting the implementation of cross-border free route, air-ground and ground-ground connectivity”.

U-space capabilities and services to enable urban air mobility

The aim is to support the evolution of U-space services and technological capabilities that can enable safe and secure urban air mobility, meaning the provision of mobility services in an urban environment using air vehicles. The demonstrations in this category will build on outcomes from already completed SESAR U-space research and innovation.

Environmental sustainability

The European Green Deal launched by the European Commission in December 2019 aims to create the world’s first climate-neutral bloc by 2050. The demonstrations in this category will aim to showcase solutions that can enable “zero CO2 waste” trajectories and can protect green flights from unnecessary deviations or constraints.

New deadline for submission: 25 June 2020

For more information, applicants can contact the SESAR JU Call Helpdesk and consult the FAQ.