The SESAR Joint Undertaking has launched an open call for exploratory projects within the framework of the SESAR 2020 research and innovation programme. The call covers a wide range of topics aimed at fostering new and innovative ideas to transform air traffic management in Europe. A total of EUR 38.5 million is earmarked for the research from the EU’s Horizon 2020 budget. 

The research topics covered by the call are steered by the needs identified in the Aviation Strategy for Europe, the European ATM Master Plan, Flightpath 2050 - Europe's Vision for Aviation and the ACARE’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This fourth call of proposals is driven additionally by the results from current and previous SESAR research, relevant Horizon 2020 projects and other research activities.

Specifically, the call consists of two work areas (WA) addressing “ATM excellent science & outreach” and “ATM application-oriented research” covering the following topics:

  • Digitalisation and automation principles for ATM
  • Cognitive support
  • Complexity and data science for ATM Performance  
  • Digital Information management  
  • Environment and meteorology for ATM
  • Safety and resilience  
  • Accelerating change in ATM
  • Behavioural economics in ATM  
  • Legal and regulatory challenges of higher levels of automation 
  • ATM role in intermodal transport
  • CNS for ATM   
  • Automation of airport operations  
  • Innovation in airport operation 
  • Meteorology at airports
  • Increased levels of automation for the ATM network 
  • Innovation in network management 
  • Network capacity Increase from fully dynamic airspace
  • Automation and CWP   
  • Enabling performance by innovation in air traffic services 
  • ADSB-in applications  
  • Long-term evolution of air/ground synchronisation 
  • Digital evolution of separation minima in en-route and TMA
  • Increased capacity for high density operations by evolution of controller/Pilot communication
  • Innovation in CNS to enable digitalised operations 
  • Measuring and managing ATM performance    
  • ATM Validation for a digitalised ATM      
  • Future ATM Architecture  
  • Control of IFR RPAS in the TMA  
  • Remain Well Clear for IFR RPAS Integration in class D-G airspace   
  • RPAS for manned flight contingency management  
  • U-space

Deadline for submission has been extended to 10 September 2019 at 17:00

For more information, applicants can contact the SESAR JU Call Helpdesk and consult the FAQ