Click time of air traffic controllers (ATCos) reduced from 12,800 seconds down to 405 seconds by using the automatic speech recognition and understanding (ASRU) architecture developed by the SESAR HAAWAII project.

Between the 14  September and 3  November 2022, HAAWAII coordinator DLR, together with 12 controllers from Austro Control, conducted validation trials in support of the PROSA project and its work on attention guidance to quantify the benefits of automatic speech recognition and understanding on controllers workload and flight safety.

Each controller participated in four exercises, two baseline runs without ASRU support and two solution runs with support of ASRU. Both the solution runs and the baseline runs consisted of a medium and a heavy scenario. The medium scenario contained round about 30 arrivals per hour and the heavy scenario 42 arrivals per hour.

In the baseline scenario the controllers were asked to manually enter all clearances into the aircraft radar labels, i.e. entering the altitude value of a DESCEND clearance, the speed value of a REDUCE clearance, the cleared heading or waypoint and so on.