The SESAR 3 JU has published its multi-annual work programme, covering the research and activities foreseen between now and 2031. Adopted by the SESAR 3 JU Governing Board, the work programme provides a comprehensive view of the policy context for the innovation programme, as well as activities needed to deliver the Digital European Sky, according to the timeframe of the European ATM Master Plan.

The programme covers both operational activities, as well as administrative and other support activities. The overall plan of activities covers the following tasks:

  • Complete R & I activities of the SESAR 2020 programme within the framework of Horizon 2020 framework.
  • Design and implement the Digital European Sky R & I programme categorise in nine flagships and designed as an innovation pipeline 
  • Carry out operational activities other than the Digital European Sky programme, in relation to outreach (stakeholder engagement, cooperation with third countries and international organisations), data and dissemination.
  • Deliver activities to fulfil its corporate, administrative, legal and financial obligations.