As part of the ALBATROSS demonstration, Air France, Airbus and DSNA conducted the inaugural flight trial between Paris and Toulouse, showcasing how SESAR Solutions can make flying more energy efficient. The trial coincided with the Airbus Summit, which discussed the various pathways towards sustainable aviation.

Launched in February 2021, ALBATROSS is conducting as series of gate-to-gate live demonstration flights across Europe with a view to demonstrating the feasibility of implementing more energy-efficient flights, by combining several technical and operational innovations, known as SESAR Solutions.

ALBATROSS follows a holistic approach by covering all flight phases, directly involving all relevant stakeholder groups (such as airlines, ANSPs, network managers, airports and industry) and addressing both operational and technological aspects of aviation and air traffic management (ATM). Many solutions will be put into practice during the flight demonstrations, from new precision approach procedures to continuous climb and descent, a more dynamic management of necessary airspace constraints, sustainable taxiing and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage. 

Thanks to the transmission of four-dimensional trajectory data, ATM will be able to optimise and better predict an aircraft’s trajectory, thereby enabling it to reduce immediately a flight's environmental footprint.

Starting from September 2021, these live trials will involve around 1,000 demonstration flights, showcasing mature operational solutions with potential fuel and CO2 emission savings. The first results are expected to be available in 2022.

We want to make the ALBATROSS’ energy-efficient way of flying the norm in the future, ensuring the maximum gains in fuel and emission reduction, without impacting the passenger experience,” said Philippe Lenne, SESAR Joint Undertaking, who was speaking at the Airbus Summit to an audience of international press and other guests.

By joining forces in ALBATROSS, we can demonstrate on a large-scale that greener flights are achievable, and every actor’s contribution counts in this drive to make aviation more sustainable. By conducting the large scale demonstration within the framework of the SESAR JU, are also ensuring that resources are pooled to the maximum effect and to deliver the best possible results,” he added.

The ALBATROSS partners are Airbus, Air France, Austro Control, DLR, DSNA, Eurocontrol, LFV, Lufthansa, Novair, Schiphol, Smart Airport Systems, SWEDAVIA, SWISS, Thales AVS France and WIZZ AIR UK.

albatross demo panel

The funding of the project is provided by the EU under the Grant Agreement No 101017678.