The right path for KLM with AIRE

Sep. 24, 2010

In its ongoing efforts to find ways of reducing emissions and saving on fuel usage, KLM is cooperating in the development of a computerised system innovation in The Netherlands which will enable aircraft to fly Continuous Descent Approaches (CDAs) at night, thus minimising engine power. A CDA is, in effect, one long glide scope, from top-of-descent to the runway. CDAs require greater height for aircraft to begin their descent, covering more geographical area. This, in turn, demands longer planning times, and involves processing and distributing data among a number of air traffic authorities, not just the authority with control over the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol area. A CDA ‘pre-planning tool’ is being jointly developed by KLM, Air Traffic Control in The Netherlands (LVNL), and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). Another promising green project under the supervision of the SESAR Joint Undertaking!