• 28th of May
    30th of May, 2013
  • University Federico II
    Napoli , Italy
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Third International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems

Organized by the SESAR WP-E Research Network HALA! (Higher Automation Levels in Air Traffic Management), ATACCS'2013 is the third of a series of scientific conferences on the theme of Automation in Command and Control Systems. The first was organized in Barcelona, the second in London, both gathering more than one hundred participants.

ATACCS is focused on applications and theories that are related to the replacement of human roles by technology (i.e. through automation). In the context of ATACCS, automation implies the use of systems to administer the tasks of humans including conformance monitoring and automation management. This raises enormous technical, ethical, organizational and safety challenges.

ATACCS is the brainchild of the HALA! Research Network (Higher Automation Levels in Air Traffic Management) which is supported by SESAR WP-E; a framework setup to spearhead long term and innovative research in automation of Air Traffic Management in pursuit of the SESAR 2020 vision and beyond. Despite this strong relationship with ATM, ATACCS welcomes submissions from all other domains and industries dealing with automation in command and control systems.