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    18 of October, 2015
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Building on the success of previous editions, the fourth SWIM Master Class will take place from 23 June to 10 December 2015.

If you are:

  • Developers of SWIM-enabled ATM applications
  • Developers of SWIM-enabled ATM information services
  • Providers of SWIM infrastructures or services

Join the challenge and compete for the Best in Class award with your innovative SWIM-enabled solution and explore the path to SWIM Global Demonstrations

By participating in the SESAR SWIM Master Class, you will enjoy privileged access to our unique SWIM development community bringing together SWIM infrastructure, services, practical examples, training as well as a growing network of SWIM experts from across the globe.


23 June 2015


SESAR SWIM Master Class launch event - Download the proceedings
1 July – 30 October 2015


Open competition: Develop your SWIM compliant service or application

Ready to start the development and take-up the challenge ? 

Confirm your participation by signing the SWIM Master Class Agreement

Further, you might also:

- Request access and make use of the SWIM Registry (the dedicated SWIM platform containing a detailed description of all ATM resources)

- Complete the NM Services request form , if you require a new certificate to access EUROCONTROL NM B2B services (indicate "SESAR SWIM" in the ‘purpose of request’ field).

30 October 2015 Deadline for submitting your proposal / prototype and associated documentation, using the template available in the Registry.
10 December 2015


 SESAR SWIM Best in Class awards ceremony



Hear from the previous edition's participants

Selex ES has participated in the SWIM Master Class since its first edition. We consider it a unique opportunity to promote our efforts on SWIM and discover opportunities to collaborate with other participants,” Dario Di Crescenzo, Programme Manager, Selex ES.

SESAR SWIM Master Class 2014 has been a great avenue for FlightAware to collaborate with SWIM providers, developers, and consumers to create innovative ATM solutions. We look forward to participate in future iterations of the Master Class event,” Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer, FlightAware.


Compete for the Best in Class award 2015

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