European ATM Master Plan

The European ATM Master Plan is the agreed roadmap that connects ATM research and development activities with deployment scenarios to achieve the performance objectives of the Single European Sky. The initial version of the European ATM Master Plan, resulting from the first phase of the SESAR project's definition process, constitutes the basis for the development and deployment activities of the SESAR project.

This initial Master Plan was endorsed by the Council on 30 March 2009. A first important update of the ATM Master Plan, approved in 2012, identifies the "Essential Operational Changes" that need to be implemented for the full deployment of the new SESAR concept by 2030. A second important update, approved on 15 December 2015, refines the vision bringing together performance and technology with an extended horizon up to 2035. It makes reference to the key features of the SESAR 2020 Research and Innovation programme  and to the Pilot Common Project . The role of the human and the approach to change management are highlighted whilst two specific topics impacting ATM are introduced: cyber security and drones. It also fosters a more comprehensive military involvement.

Each update of the ATM Master Plan reactivates the definition process, which adapts the requirements of the new ATM systems to the evolving SES performance objectives, and to the operational reality, and feeds these requirements into the subsequent SESAR processes (R&D and deployment).