The objective of SESAR is to modernise European ATM by defining, developing and delivering new or improved technologies and procedures (SESAR Solutions).

SESAR’s vision builds on the notion of trajectory-based operations’ and relies on the provision of air navigation services (ANS) in support of the execution of the business or mission trajectory — meaning that aircraft can fly their preferred trajectories without being constrained by airspace configurations.

flight phases

This vision is enabled by a progressive increase of the level of automation support, the implementation of virtualisation technologies as well as the use of standardised and interoperable systems. The system infrastructure will gradually evolve with digitalisation technology, allowing air navigation service providers (ANSPs), irrespective of national borders, to plug in their operations where needed, supported by a range of information services. Airports will be fully integrated into the ATM network level, which will facilitate and optimise airspace user operations.

Going beyond 2035 towards 2050, performance-based operations will be implemented across Europe, with multiple options envisaged, such as seamless coordination between ANSPs or full end-to-end ANS provided at network level. Furthermore, it is widely recognised that to increase performance, ATM modernisation should look at the flight as a whole, within a flow and network context, rather than segmented portions of its trajectory, as is the case today. With this in mind, the vision will be realised across the entire ATM system, offering improvements at every stage of the flight.