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SESAR 2020 takes an integrated approach to modernising Europe’s air traffic management (ATM), with over 18 projects developing solutions addressing different aspects of system. To ensure that the solutions delivered are interoperable, the programme relies on the Content Integration (PJ19) project.

PJ19 CI assesses the completeness, consistency and coherency of the solutions from a holistic perspective as represented in the SESAR Concept of Operations. The Project also contributes to assessing the maturity of SESAR Solutions and their readiness for deployment.

The project maintains SESAR’s performance framework, ensuring its applicability. As such PJ19 CI maps the overall performance of the SESAR Solutions brought together against the expected performance improvements as outlined in the European ATM Master Plan, the roadmap for modernising ATM in Europe.

PJ19 CI Progress

PJ19 CI created common content baseline such as the first SESAR 2020 CONOPS and European Enterprise Architecture. It defined also the Performance Framework and the European ATM Architecture Framework. These have provided a common foundation and solid view and way of working to all SESAR Partners. .

A lot of efforts were dedicated to the creation of these frameworks, the establishment of processes and training. This was a major condition to ensure that the added value of SESAR Solutions is demonstrated within an overall European ATM context.

Now that the foundation are in place, a large web of possibilities is offered to the SESAR Partners to demonstrate not only the compliance to the SES Performance Targets, but also to show what could be the deployment options, their sequences and their benefits in relation with/ support to the ATM Master Plan.

Combined with the ATM Master Plan, this constitutes a substantial improvement in the way European ATM Stakeholders are working together as it is about to provide European decision makers at all level (Airspace Users, Service provider, System provider (Ground & Air Industry), Regulation bodies) means to assess on a common basis the usefulness of a change and take the relevant decision being at regulation, standardisation and deployment level.

A public version of the work is available in the European ATM Portal which hosts the European ATM Master Plan and publicly available extracts of the EUROPEAN ATM Architecture.


EATMA factsheet

SESAR¨Performance Framework factsheet

Solutions' assessment guidance material

Safety Reference Material guidance document

Guidance to Apply the SESAR2020 Safety Reference Material

Security assessment guidance document

Human performance assessment guidance document

Environment assessment guidance document

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731765

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