• 19 of May, 2022
    13:00 > 16:30
  • Webinar
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COOPANS partners taking part in the SESAR project Enhanced Arrivals and Departures (PJ01-W2 EAD) are organising an open day to present research results on automatic controlled time of arrival (CTA) for management of arrival in en-route and on the ground (# PJ.01-W2-08A2).   

This solution aims to increase predictability and fuel efficiency for arriving traffic into medium to large airports and lessen the burden of controllers through the introduction of:

  • automatic “what if” traffic analysis and CTA uplink to aircraft (en-route as well as on ground at in-horizon airports);
  • enhanced ATCO HMI to inform about CTA aircraft expected behaviour and limitations, based on downlinked aircraft FMS trajectory.

The webinar will go through the concept, validation objectives and the results from a real-time simulation, scheduled to occur 9-13 May.

A definitive invitation, detailed agenda and instructions for the webinar will be sent out before the Open Day.

Please mail your interest in participation to;

Mats Bergelin, mats.bergelin@lfv.se

Please forward this to any relevant person in your organisation!