SWIM Technical Infrastructure (Project PJ17) Open Day

  • 17th of February
    18th of February, 2020
  • Leonardo , Via Tiburtina Km. 12.400
    Rome , Italy
  • Map

The dissemination event aims at providing the ATM community with SESAR 2020 Pj.17 (SWIM infrastructure) key achievements, conclusions and recommendations. In addition, an overview of wave 2 and wave 3 SWIM activities will be addressed. Finally current status and planning about EU SWIM roadmap and deployment will be also presented.

During the open day PJ17 Project Partners will brief the attendees about the three solutions part of PJ17:

·        PJ17-01 SWIM-TI Purple profile for air/ground advisory info sharing

·        PJ17-03 SWIM-TI Green profile for ground/ground civil-military information sharing

·        PJ17-08 SWIM-TI Common runtime registry

It will be an opportunity to gain awareness about the latest achievements of SESAR Programme on SWIM and to listen from SESAR Experts what will be the future activities both in the context of SESAR Wave2 and Europe in general.

Download the agenda