Validation projects

Virtual Block Control in Low Visibility Procedure

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Toulouse


This solution supplements the set of stop bars on an aerodrome with virtual stop bars that are managed by tower systems and that displayed on the controller working position. Thanks to surveillance data, virtual stop bars can be de-activated once passed by an aircraft. For the purpose of alerting, the A-SMGCS control function considers virtual stop bars are physical ones, and warns the controller in case of violation. For aircraft equipped with data link, the location of virtual stop bars is uplinked to the cockpit and are displayed on the aircraft moving map.

Description of the exercises

A combination of live trials and simulations taking place in Toulouse and Milan will validate all three solutions (S24 Improved Vehicule Guidance, S26 Manual Taxi Routing, S48 Virtual BLock Control in Low Visibility). Specifically the exercises will confirm the proposed safety performance improvements brought about by the exchange between flight crews and controllers using data link for start-up, pushback, runway exit and taxiing, and the display of cleared routes and dynamic traffic context information to vehicle drivers.  The exercises will also assess generated alerts to vehicle drivers when potential or actual risks of collision are detected with aircraft and infringement of restricted or close areas. Alerts may be generated by the on-board system or uplinked from the controller safety net.

Expected benefits

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved predictability
  • Increased runway capacity