Validation projects

Arrival Manager (AMAN) and Extended AMAN horizon

Release: 2011

Reference: EXE-05.06.04-VP-187, VP-187bis, VP-188 and VP-189

Location: London


About the exercise

The impact was assessed of extending the Arrival Manager (AMAN) horizon and pre-sequence incoming flights to improve traffic smoothing in Rome, Amsterdam, London and Malmö. 

The exercises showed significant benefits, including substantial environmental gains. In London, aircraft fuel burnt in the 500 nautical miles extended AMAN Horizon was reduced by 9% per flight. Aircraft stack holding was reduced by between 78% and 87%, with matching positive consequences on the flight’s environmental impact. In Rome, fuel consumption was cut for a shorthaul Airbus A320 flight by 7.28%. No safety concerns were identified in any of the four locations as a result of the exercises. Furthermore,

the reported reduction in TMA air traffic controller workload seems to indicate a possible increase in safety.