• 7th of December, 2015
    23:00 > 23:00
  • European Parliament
    Brussels , Belgium
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Socio-economic impact of Joint Undertakings

The SESAR Joint Undertaking (JU) together with five other industry JUs will present the state of play and results of their programmes at the European Parliament on 8 December.  The event takes place in the framework of the 7th European Innovation Summit from 7–10 December 2015 and in the presence of policy makers, industries, SMEs, and academic and research organisations.   During its joint session on Tuesday 8 December from 17:00 to 19:00 (PHS 5B001), the six JUs will look beyond the current achievements and investigate the broader socio-economic impact of the JUs as an innovative model for advancing research, increasing Europe’s competitiveness and improving the quality life of European citizens. Examples will be showcased in order to highlight the technological progress and the potential of the work undertaken by JUs for growth and jobs in Europe.  Registration for participation will be closed on 27 November 2015, as requested by the European Parliament security.