Research Questions

Can the approach to quantifying costs and, especially, the benefits of capacity-enhancing (and other) investments in ATM be improved through a multi-stakeholder perspective that embraces uncertainty and the complexity of interactions between different effects?

Research Scope

The ComplexityCosts project aims to better understand performance benefits and trade-offs for different stakeholder investment mechanisms in the context of uncertainty and the complexity of interactions between different effects. The modelled investments are intended to mitigate the impact of uncertainty on performance. Embracing the non-linearities of complexity, thus significantly advancing the state of the art, the project’s stochastic, layered network model will include interacting elements and feedback loops. The project will analyse how the stakeholders’ interacting tactical and strategic cost structures affect system performance.

ComplexityCosts thus seeks to quantify, and improve the understanding of, complex interdependencies that are often overlooked in trade-off models.

Expected Results

ComplexityCosts will afford fuller insights into the costs of complexity, furthering the understanding of interacting elements and feedback loops, thus taking account of non-linearities. The project will also explore the propagation of negative impacts through the network, and the underlying cost-driven mechanisms, evaluating different strategies for achieving the same outcomes and goals, such as delay reductions.