SESAR JU and members showcase European ATM modernisation efforts in Doha

Mar. 29, 2019

A first SESAR workshop took place in Doha, Qatar on 26-27 March 2019 under the umbrella of the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) signed between the SESAR JU and the Qatar CAA (QCAA) in 2017.  The aim of the event was to share progress made in Europe on a number of globally relevant ATM solutions and drone integration in support of U-space.

The event was attended by senior staff from the SJU and QCAA, as well as a cross-section of aviation stakeholders from Qatar.  The first day of the workshop showcased the development and implementation of remote/digital tower solutions in Europe, with presentations by the SESAR JU, Saab, Indra, Leonardo and NATS. 

The second day was devoted to the integration of drones and the SJU’s activities developing U-space. Presentations were given by the SESAR JU, Eurocontrol, members of the GOF demonstration project (EANS, Robots Expert, Unifly and Frequentis), Thales, Leonardo and Aveillant.  The clear and strong message of a unified European approach – echoing the WAC “Team Europe for Aviation” - came across and was welcomed by both European industry and the Qatar side.

Florian Guillermet also met with H.E. Abdulla Nasser Turki Al Subaey, Chairman of the QCAA, to discuss future activities under the MoC, which will focus in particular on improving operational efficiency and environmental performance.  Discussions also highlighted the importance of the forthcoming 40th ICAO Assembly and the evolution of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.

Download presentations from Day 1 on Remote Towers

Download presentations from Day 2 on Drones