Preparing the next generation of ATM professionals

May. 19, 2020

How can training professionals inspire the next-generation aviation workforce in anticipation of the digital economy? More important, how can they nurture that talent to ensure greater mobility and connectivity of air travel? Read this interview with David Bowen, SESAR JU Chief of ATM, on the work being carried out within the framework of the SESAR Digital Academy to address these challenges.

Europe’s public-private R&D partnership – the SESAR Joint Undertaking – the technological pillar of the Single European Sky, is charged with improving air traffic management performance by modernising and harmonising ATM systems throughout the European Union.

As part of its exploratory research activities it is also attempting to develop the skills of the future ATM workforce and, to date, its work has focussed on providing opportunities for students to participate in and contribute to European research, including support for PhD research projects.

But those at its helm knew something more was needed if SESAR Is to fulfil its appointed role of stimulating, funding and coordinating all research related to ATM across Europe.

The developing solution is the SESAR Digital Academy, which will ensure the sustainability of the knowledge gained beyond the duration of those individual research project activities. Recently launched, the academy’s mission is to nurture Europe’s brightest minds and advance learning, scientific excellence and innovation in aviation and ATM. Its aims include promoting student mobility and a whole spectrum of learning opportunities from fundamental research to industry-focussed applied research, and enhancing the knowledge, skills and employability of future aviation professionals.

Read the full article from the Journal for Civil Aviation Training


Looking for a research opportunity? Recruiting researchers?

Those recruiting new ATM talent, e.g. for SESAR ER4 or Wave 2, wishing to advertise industry/academic internships (remote or otherwise) or PhD funding calls, are invited to advertise all such opportunities on the Engage website (free of charge). Please also watch the website for forthcoming announcements on our revised planning for the summer school and thematic challenge workshops in 2020, with enhanced industry engagement, plus the launch of our new catalyst fund projects.