Forthcoming Engage virtual workshops

Nov. 24, 2020

Engage, the SESAR KTN, is offering new workshops for two of the KTN’s thematic challenges: ‘Data-driven trajectory prediction’ on 25 January 2021 and ‘Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM’ on 27 January 2021.

‘Data-driven trajectory prediction’ - 25 January 2021

Join us to learn and discuss how diverse data science techniques (including machine learning and advanced data processing methods) are contributing to this topical research field. New research from Engage will be presented, from the catalyst fund projects (enhancing research TRLs) and KTN-supported PhDs, with further expert speakers also contributing to the debate. Building on the momentum of the popular workshops in Castelldefels (2018) and Athens (2019) this third workshop will provide an opportunity to mutually identify future research priorities and explore the current state of the art.

‘Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM’ - 27 January 2021

The overall goal of this edition is to streamline the innovation pipeline in the area of efficient provision and use of meteorological/environmental information in ATM. We will present research results supported by Engage, through the catalyst fund projects and PhDs, with discussion on finding the ways of bringing the valuable results to higher TRL levels and foster collaboration in this research area. We will present newly funded projects in the MET/ENV area, discuss progress in European forecast provision, and debate plans for MET/ENV research in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the future Integrated ATM programme.

The overall workshop goals are to identify new tools and services/methods required in these fields, and to propose key research funding needs for hot topic areas beyond the Engage KTN.