FABEC Social Dialogue on SESAR projects

May. 10, 2019

FABEC and employee representatives met on the DFS Campus in Langen, Germany, on 8 May for a Social Dialogue on selected SESAR 2020 projects.

The Social Dialogue in Langen focused on the SESAR 2020 projects Remote Tower Control (PJ05) and PROSA (PJ10). PROSA examines various approaches and tools related to separation in air traffic management. The workshop dealt with the PROSA Solutions “High Productivity Controller Team Organisation” (PJ.10.01a) and “Generic (non-geographical) Controller Validations” (PJ10.06).

The participants gained an overview of the status of the projects and used the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information and exchange ideas, particularly on the social impact that these projects will have.

Regular Social Dialogue activities with employee representatives take place within FABEC under the slogan “Working together to build a common strategy for European ATM”. These activities include discussions, consultations and workshops on current and future-oriented ATM topics and focus on improving the exchange between employees, management and institutional representatives.

Dr Jörg Bergner (DFS), PROSA project manager, said: “Participating in the Social Dialogue was a valuable experience. Although every Solution in the project organises open days and visitor days, Social Dialogues are another important opportunity to get in touch with employees and promote acceptance.