• 13th of June
    15th of October, 2012
  • EUROCONTROL Rue de la Fusée, 60
    Brussels ,
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A SWIM Master Class will be organised from June to October 2012 with the objective of further developing and demonstrating state-of-the-art ATM business added value through information technology.

Target audience

The SWIM Master Class is open on a voluntary basis to all interested parties (individuals or teams) wishing to develop and demonstrate their SWIM-enabled application: Software development companies, universities, etc.


1. Initiation Day

The Initiation Day took place on 14 June 2012 in EUROCONTROL HQ (Brussels), setting the scene to over 100 participants, providing all necessary organisational, technical and legal information as well as training on the EUROCONTROL Network Management Validation Platform; Furthermore, about 10 showcases were demonstrated. Download hereafter the presentations:


What is SWIM

SWIM Technical Infrastructure (ATC to ATC / EAD)

Available B2B Web Services/Functional

Introduction to showcases

B2B Web Service Infrastructure/Architecture

Accessing B2B Web Services

SWIM Master Class process and schedule

2. Development phase

Next, candidates will develop their SWIM-enabled applications;

3. Best-in-class ceremony

Finally, the best applications will be spotlighted during the SWIM best-in-class ceremony on 16 October 2012 in EUROCONTROL HQ (Brussels).



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