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    18 of March, 2009
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ATC GlobalOn March 18th, at the Conference, SJU Executive Director will cover the latest development of SESAR, while Chief Operational Concept & Validation and Chief Architect will speak at two of the workshops. Book it in your diary !

ATC Global 2009 Conference "Global Aviation in Turbulent Times: The ATM Challenges and Solutions"

Patrick Ky

Patrick Ky, Executive Director will participate to the session focusing on Technology, presenting the latest inside information on SESAR.

When: 18th March, 11.15-12.30

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Workshop on Information Management "The road to SWIM"

Michaël Standar

Objective: Provide an overview of Information Management in the context of System-wide Information Management (SWIM). The presentations will focus on the associated SESAR activities, practical demonstrations of digitizing and distributing ATM information, and most importantly the link with the end-user systems

Michael Standar, Chief Operational Concept & Validation, will present SWIM (System-Wide Information Management) in SESAR

When: 18 March, 9.30-12.20

Where: Room 0-01

Cost: Free

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Workshop on Mobile Communication "The art of the possible"

Peter Hotham

Objective: SESAR has identified the path towards a high performance ATM system which will be progressively deployed over the next 15 years or so. There are many challenges confronting the ATM stakeholder community to achieve the ambitious goals along this path.

One such area is that of mobile communications supporting ATM and Airline operations.

Whilst today, high performance, reliable mobile communication is common place in many business sectors, and indeed amongst the general public, offering high bandwidth solutions for both voice and data communications, this is far from the case within ATM.

The new services required to support the progressive introduction of 4D Trajectory management will stress the current technologies beyond their physical limits, requiring solutions that offer secure, high bandwidth mobile communication innovations to support ATM and Airline operations, with the additional constraint in that they must also offer compatibility with both existing and future applications.

Whilst there is a fairly clear picture for the long term with the introduction of the Future Communication Infrastructure; what is possible in the short-middle term to bridge the capability gap?

This workshop is designed to create awareness of the issues, timescales and operational needs not only amongst the traditional ATM community, but also to draw other business sectors into the arena to stimulate reflection and creativity towards cost efficient solutions to the problem.

Peter Hotham, Chief Architect will be a speaker and pannelist for this workshop

When: 19 March, 10.00-13.00

Where: Room 0-01

Cost: Free

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