• 13th of June
    14th of June, 2012
  • European University Institute Villa Schifanoia – Via Boccaccio 121 I-50133
    Florence , Italy
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The SESAR innovation challenge: aviation, automation, liability and responsibility

SESAR is inviting all interested parties to the ALIAS Conference hosted by the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) on June 14 -15, 2012, which will address the issue of liability and automation in air transport, with a focus on air traffic management. The conference will bring together experts from different backgrounds to discuss the many changes in the allocation of liabilities that would result from the partial automation of complex ATM systems.

The conference will also officially launch the ALIAS Legal Network, a community of experts sharing knowledge and experience in the regulation of socio-technical systems – and in particular, Air Traffic Management.

Participants from academia, research centres, industry/SMEs etc. interested in liability and automation are welcome to join the ALIAS network

ALIAS (Addressing Liability Impact of Automated Systems) is an innovative project co-financed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of the SESAR Joint Undertaking with European Union funding.