SESAR was set up to make a difference by developing solutions that will fundamentally change the way air traffic management is being handled in Europe. Recognising that this mission is too large for one organisation to accomplish alone, SESAR was created with an ethos of collaboration.

Founded by the European Union and Eurocontrol – today SESAR unites the whole aviation community through its 19 members. Several members are made up of consortia - and together with their affiliates and sub-contractors - represent a total of 100 organisations actively participating in and demonstrating the impact of the SESAR programme on ATM R&D activities in Europe.

For SESAR to reach its full potential, it needs the expertise of all stakeholders and the assurance that the technologies developed will meet their needs. That’s why the SESAR Joint Undertaking continually strives for including more experts or stakeholders into the programme and its committees.

This makes the SESAR Joint Undertaking a truly international public-private partnership.

Founding Members

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