Governing Board Decisions

Reference Subject
GB(D)01-2021 Financial Rules
GB(D)02-2021 Omnibus decision
GB(D)03-2021 Rules on Confidentiality and CoI
GB(D)04-2021 Code of conduct of GB
GB(D)05-2021 Anti-Fraud Strategy
GB(D)06-2021 Internal rules for SESAR 3 JU on Art 25 Restrictions
GB(D)07-2021 Rules of Procedure of GB
GB(D)08-2021 Internal control Framework
GB(D)09-2021 Establishment of voting rights
GB(D)10-2021 Criteria/Selection Scientific Advisory Board
GB(D)11-2021 SRIA
GB(D)12-2021 Transfer of assets, liabilities, unused appropriations identified by DG BUDG
GB(D)13-2021 Adopting the transitional elements related to the SESAR 3 JU’s annual work programme, budget, staff establishment plan and procurement plan for 2021 and 2022
GB(D)14-2021 Structure of Programme Office
GB(D)15-2021 Delegation of AIPN powers to ED
GB(D)16-2021 Rules of employment of trainees
GB(D)17-2021 Learning and Development
GB(D)18-2021 Staff Implementing Rules / Decisions
GB(D)19-2021 Rules on secondment of national experts (SNEs)
GB(D)01-2022 Observers in ED selection process
GB(D)02-2022 Adoption of Multi-annual Work Programme
GB(D)03-2022 Adoption of bi-annual Work Programme
GB(D)04-2022 Adoption of SESAR 3 JU Communication strategy/policy
GB(D)05-2022 Estalishment of the IAC