Scientific Committee

The SESAR 2020 Scientific Committee provides scientific advice and recommendations to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Executive Director, with a particular focus on exploratory research, long-term planning activities and on the transfer of knowledge and outcomes to industrial research activities. The Committee additionally provides scientific-related support on how to ensure and help promote appropriate research and innovation in the SESAR 2020 programme including the preparation of the SESAR Innovation Days and the awarding of scientific prizes.

 “The Scientific Committee is an important platform to ensure that our research programme and results are technically and scientifically sound. In particular, I will count on the support of the committee members in looking beyond our current horizon and formulating the vision for future ATM research.” Florian Guillermet, Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking

The committee brings together independent and highly-regarded academics from across Europe and the aviation research domain, as well as observers from the European Commission, EUROCONTROL and the SESAR Programme Committee.

SESAR 2020 Scientific Committee Members

External observers

Juan Besada, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Henk Blom, Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Tatjana Bolic, University of Trieste 

Andrew Cook, University of Westminster

Peter Hecker, University of Braunschweig

Francisco Javier Saez Nieto, University of Cranfield

Christopher  Johnson, University of Glasgow

Rita Markovits-Somogyi, HungaroControl

Patrizia Marti, University of Siena

Vojin Tosic, formerly of University of Belgrade

Torsten Klimke, European Commission, DG MOVE

Dirk Schaefer, EUROCONTROL

Alison Roberts, 2020 Programme Committee representative