Aircraft Manufacturer

Dassault Aviation is the only group in the world to design, manufacture and support both combat aircraft (manned or unmanned) and business jets.

With more than 8000 military and civil aircraft delivered to 83 countries over the past 60 years and having logged nearly 28 million flight hours to date, Dassault Aviation is a major player in the Aeronautics field. Dassault Aviation is also fully involved in UAV/UCAV programs.

Thanks to its dual expertise, Dassault Aviation will contribute to promote and support buy in of SESAR 2020 ATM strategic objectives and solutions, both for Business Aviation and UAV users.

Dassault Aviation, has 12 100 employees, more than 9 000 based in France; Dassault Aviation sales figures in 2015, were over EUR 4,17 billion.