SESAR Innovation Pipeline

SESAR has created an innovation pipeline through which promising ideas are explored and then moved out of the ‘lab’ into real operations. The pipeline consists of three distinct strands:

SESAR Solutions

SESAR Solutions refer to new or improved operational procedures or technologies that aim to contribute to the modernisation of the European and global ATM system.  Framed within the European ATM Master Plan, these solutions address all parts of the ATM value chain, from airports, air traffic services to the network, as well as the underlying systems architectures and technological enablers, which are validated in real day-to-day operations.

Digitalisation, AI, U-space: the next revolution in aviation

Digitalisation Rapid changes in technology hold enormous promise for the future use of our airspace as the digital transformation expands skyward.
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great opportunities for aviation in the areas of safety, ATM, airport operations, passenger experience and airlines.
U-space Drones are a growing business in Europe, delivering services in all environments, including urban areas.