• SJU reference # 65 /Release 2
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Many aircraft currently follow fixed routes which are not always the most efficient in terms of time and fuel consumption. There are tactical refinements at an operational level, but SESAR is introducing far more radical change at a design level which ultimately aims to introduce free route airspace across Europe. This enables the operator’s flight planning system to calculate the most efficient route taking into consideration wind speed and direction, turbulence, temperature, aircraft type and performance.

This solution is seen as an early iteration of the free route concept due to the potential for this option to mimic established direct route requests from operational airspace users. However, this solution does not take into account cross-border direct routing.

SJU references: #65/Release 2


  • ƒImproved flight efficiency within one air traffic service unit ƒ 
  • Reduced average flown distance and reduced flight time ƒ 
  • Maintained air navigation service provision, despite capacity increase ƒ 
  • Reduced fuel burn and emissions ƒ 
  • Maintained levels of safety