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The sustained traffic growth in the 1980s prompted the launch of the en-route air traffic organiser concept, to design electronic decision-making tools to help controllers. It recognised that there was a need to optimise service provision by assisting with detecting and monitoring tasks, freeing up mental resources to focus on resolving conflicts between flights. In this framework, the SESAR solution is a medium-term conflict detection (MTCD) tool that allows controllers to filter aircraft and extrapolate their future positions. The tool is based on providing assistance to controllers particularly when faced with stress, fatigue or other disturbing agents. The solution does a number of things to help the controller. It shades out – according to pre-determined criteria – flights which are not relevant to a particular situation. It provides visuals aids to help the controller schedule tasks. It also extrapolates the predicted trajectory of specific flights to aid the controller to identify potential conflicts well in advance. In addition, it provides geographical markers to provide the controller with task reminders at specific locations.

SJU references: #104/Release 1



  • Effective management of team operations ƒ 
  • Improved monitoring of traffic as well as information and task sharing ƒ 
  • Increased en-route airspace capacity