• SJU reference # 70 /Release 3
  • Stakeholders
  • Benefits Safety
  • Status Available for deployment


This solution develops further ADS-B applications to improve ground surveillance systems in terms of safety, performance, interoperability and security. Data quality is increased with regard to the current surveillance system by means of improved surveillance data. The ADS-B ground station is enhanced to check the validity of the ADS-B derived data and to discard possible spoofing messages as well as messages transmitted by erratic ADS-B transponders, guaranteeing an improvement of the surveillance in terms of security and safety

SESAR validation activities demonstrated an increased situational awareness in low-visibility conditions. As a result of the operational acceptance of the research, the solutions were seen as suitable for development as part of surface movement guidance and control activity.

SJU references: #70/Release 3


  • Operational acceptance of airport safety nets
  • Increased situational awareness in low visibility conditions
  • Enhanced safety thanks to the generation of real alerts