As the technological pillar of the SES, SESAR is one of the key contributors to the SES High-Level

Goals through the delivery and deployment of SESAR Solutions with demonstrated and measurable performance benefits. The SESAR performance ambition for 2035 is as follows:

  • Efficiency and predictability: up to 6% reduction in flight times and up to 30% reduction in departure delays;
  • Environment: up to 10% reduction in fuel burn and CO2 emissions;
  • Capacity: a system capable of handling up to 100% more traffic, and up to 10% additional flights landing at congested airports;
  • Cost-efficiency: up to 40% reduction in air navigation services costs per flight;
  • Safety: improved by a factor of 3-4 times coping with the expected traffic increase.

Or, for an average trip in Europe:

  • 20 minutes shorter door-to-door travel time
  • 10kg in fuel savings per passenger
  • EUR 15 in ticket savings