SWIM Master Class 2012


A SWIM Master Class was organised from June to October 2012 with the objective of further developing and demonstrating the added value of state-of-the-art information technology for air traffic management.

Target audience

Open to all interested parties wishing to develop and demonstrate their SWIM-enabled application, over 50 teams (Software development companies, universities, etc.) participated.


By participating in the SWIM Master Class, candidates were part of the community of SWIM developers and could learn and share experiences. In addition, the best-in-class applications will gain further visibility  throughout 2012-2013.

Technical environment

Candidates developed their application by making use of the European Network Management NOP B2B Web Services infrastructure. They were given access to the Network Management Validation Platform (NMVP) and to the Network Management Support Helpdesk.


  1. First an Initiation Day, on 14 June 2012 in EUROCONTROL HQ (Brussels), set the scene, gave access to all necessary virtual domains and information, and trained the candidates on the EUROCONTROL Network Management Validation Platform. Access the Presentations and Pictures from the day.
  2. Next, Candidates developed their SWIM-enabled applications over Summer.
  3. Finally, prototypes were demonstrated and Best-in-class were celebrated on October 16.


19 prototypes were developed

BLUESKY (ThalesAir Systems) GNSS Integrity Monitoring & Analysis Tool (NLR)
 Advanced Weather Forecast Services (GTD)
 Delay And Ready Messages Evolution Predictor (The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute)
SNOWIM (Pulsar Consulting) MET SWIM (INECO) SWIM-enabled Airline Information Service (Integrasys S.A.) xNOTAM (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi)
Safety SWIM Nets (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona) DK-CDM - National Flight Object Database (DSE Airport Solutions) Landing and Take-Off Scheduling (AsLogic) CADAS ATS (ComSoft)
Smart Flight Management (Smart4Aviation) Building SWIM B2B web services using Open Standards (Snowflake) Traffic Data Monitor (Avionix) Landeplatz Überwachung (AC-B Air Traffic Control & Business Systems GmbH)
Introduction of SWIM services in the Airport Movement Systems (AMS) Applications of the Belgocontrol ATC/Towers (Belgocontrol)
 SWIMUPlan (German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Flight Guidance) SWIM AIXM Web Processing Services (M-CLICK)  

The best applications were spotlighted during the SWIM best-in-class ceremony on 16 October 2012 in EUROCONTROL HQ (Brussels).

Find out more about the three finalists and access the presentation on the next steps


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