Calls for Tenders

EUROCONTROL is also publishing call for tenders related to the SESAR Programme. You can access here EUROCONTROL procurement page

Find below the call for tenders issued by the SESAR JU.
Friday, 5. June 2015 - 11:30
SJU Web conferencing solution (ref SJU-LC-0107-CFT)
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Thursday, 23. July 2015 - 11:30
Travaux de réaménagement des locaux de l’Entreprise Commune SESAR (ref SJU/LC/117-CFT)
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Friday, 30. September 2016
Call for Expressions of Interest - Independent Experts (ref SJU/LC/0064-CEI)
This Call for Expressions of Interest is addressed to individuals for the establishment of a database of independent experts to assist the SESAR Joint Undertaking in the framework of the SESAR Programme.Warning: The Specifications have been revised in such way that the areas of expertise within which the SESAR Joint Undertaking are searching for experts has been extended to also include experts within the field of “Corporate Communication internal/external".
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