• Best of SESAR

    The best of SESAR in just three minutes

  • SESAR WE Free demonstration project showcases benefits of free routing

    WE FREE is a SESAR Demonstration project which undertakes flight trials for free route optimisation during weekends using flights between Paris CDG and airports in Italian cities.

  • Why AIRBUS values SESAR?

    In this interview Pierre Bachelier, Head of Air Traffic Management Program, explains why Airbus considers valuable contributing to SESAR R&I Programme.

  • SESAR video on airports

    Including airports in the future efficient Air traffic Management system is one of the aims of the SESAR programme. This new SESAR Joint Undertaking animation now explains the current challenges and future SESAR solutions for airports....

  • Extended AMAN in Action

    What is Extended AMAN (E-AMAN)? How does this SESAR solution work? Who benefits and when will the solution be deployed? This video answers these questions, while also providing examples of how the solution can be applied in different...

  • SESAR members' views on SESAR 2020

    Preparations are underway for SESAR 2020. But what are SESAR Members' views and expectations for the future of the programme?

  • SESAR Advanced Controller Working Position

    SESAR validation exercice with French DSNA and Paris airport on Advanced Controller Working Position

  • GBAS CAT II III concept

    GBAS optimises low visibility operations by using holding points that are closer to the runway than ILS ones. This increases runway throughput and heightens air traffic controllers’ flexibility. GBAS is a cost-effective replacement for ILS: it has many operational advantages, including...

  • i4D and SESAR

    Initial 4D or (i4D) is a cornerstone of the SESAR Programme as it is the first step towards more predictable flights. This video presents a simulation of an i4D flight going from Toulouse in France through Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre airspace to Copenhagen in Denmark.

  • SESAR Presentation
  • As part of the AIRE Programme, A380 fly greener over the Atlantic
  • Animation: SESAR Solutions 2014

    This animation gives you a taste of some of the solutions that SESAR has delivered to date. 

    More solutions are on their way but click here for more information on SESAR Solutions.

  • Live experiment of the Point Merge concept in Paris

    DSNA video demonstrates live experiment of the Point Merge concept in Paris Paris Area Control Centre and its partners carried out live trials of Point Merge in extended TMA for handling North-West and North-East flights to Paris-CDG airport at peak hours. With this new procedure, arrival...

  • SESAR System Engineering Methodology

    SESAR System Engineering Methodology

  • I4D flight

    Take-off for the world’s first 4D flight

  • SESAR - The Future of Flying

    SESAR - The Future of Flying

  • Florian Guillermet presents SESAR solutions

    Interview Florian Guillermet, Executive Director

  • SWIM

    Information sharing today and tomorrow with SWIM. Watch the short animation on the future information management.

  • AIRE in motion

    AIRE in motion