New edition of SESAR Solutions Catalogue out now!

Jun. 15, 2017

The SESAR Joint Undertaking has published a second edition of the SESAR Solution Catalogue, which embeds the final list of 60 plus SESAR Solutions delivered by the SESAR 1 programme. This edition brings together the full range of solutions, which are essential for improving performance either at network or local level, subject to local business cases. To ensure their uptake, the solutions have been developed taking into account existing ICAO and industry standards and also have contributed to the definition or refinement of these standards.

In addition, the catalogue gives an overview of what is next in terms of the research and development (R&D) activities planned under SESAR 2020. Covering all key areas of air traffic management, these activities will support the delivery of new solutions to enable a more flight-centric approach to ATM as well as the integration of all vehicles, including remotely-piloted aircrafts or drones, in addition to important established users such as business aviation, general aviation and rotorcraft. As solutions become mature, they will be introduced into the main body of the catalogue.